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Q1 Hospitals is a registered partnership firm promoted by Dr.Ramana Murthy.T and Dr.Madhavi.S, both eminent personalities in their chosen field.

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“Kids for Christ” was created to teach kids how to promote and exhibit God given talents. It establishes a good foundation to know God’s Word with passion and prepare kids to become true children of God and love His Word. The Bible tells us that getting well-versed by memorizing God’s Word is one of the key factors to putting God’s Word in our hearts where God can use His Word to change and encourage children to grow in Him and His perfect will. 

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Dr.T.Ramana Murthy and his team are committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopaedic joint replacement care possible. Dr.T.Ramana Murthy is a good experienced and the best doctor in Vizag area, he is lecturing nationally on new technologies associated with hip and knee arthroplasty, including minimally invasive techniques, computer navigation, and customized knee arthroplasty.


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